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Service Unit 75 - Montgomery/Rocky Hill
Needed - SU and NC Delegate
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Needed - SU and NC Delegate

Posted by: on Wed, Sep 18, 2019

elegates 2020Governance page on our website has also been updated.  We are currently recruiting Service Unit Delegates to represent our SUs at Annual Meeting. Each SU is entitled to two delegates, at least one of whom must be over the age of 18. Girls ages 14 years and older are eligible. Terms are two years, but no more than three consecutive terms. Delegates may be elected or simply selected by their service units; Service Unit Managers may be a delegate. To meet quorum at Annual Meeting, we must have 124 delegates present and 31 service units represented. 


New this year, in response to calls for more Q&A at Annual Meeting, Service Unit Delegates may represent their service units at Leadership Forums. There are four forums scheduled over January and February; they are hosted by Natasha and members of the Board of Directors. These are opportunities to open a dialogue between council leadership and service unit volunteers: leadership gets to hear from the members, and members get to understand strategic decisions. If a service unit wants to raise a topic for discussion at a Forum, they must submit a form for it to be added to the agenda. There are deadlines for submitting forms, registering attendance, and attending the forums posted on our website. Attendance at Forums must be registered through eBiz just like any other program; Service Unit Delegates are expected to attend at least one, but may attend as many as they like.


National Delegates- GSUSA’s national conventionG.I.R.L. 2020 is being hosted in Orlando, FL. Convention happens every three years and is made up of two parts: essentially a nation-wide version of our Annual Meeting, and a girl-led event with activities and experiences mostly designed for older girls. Every council is entitled to send a delegation to the National Council Session (NCS) based on a formula in the Girl Scout Constitution. The delegation is made up of executive staff, Board of Directors, adult members, and girl members over the age of 14. Our delegation is selected by the Board Development Committee and is elected at Annual Meeting. National Council Delegates are expected to perform all the duties of a Service Unit Delegate, but across the whole council, not just their local community: they attend Leadership Forums, Annual Meetings, and represent all of our members to the GSHNJ Board and the GSUSA Board.

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