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Service Unit 75 - Montgomery/Rocky Hill
Minutes - Jan 15
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Minutes - Jan 15

Posted by: on Wed, Jan 15, 2020

SU #75 Meeting 1/15 Agenda

  1. In Attendance:

    1. Jen

    2. Jennifer 61215

    3. Stacy

    4. Jen Waxman

    5. Jaime Smith

    6. Jane Leonard

    7. Jodi Mahony

    8. Ramya

    9. Kim Slaga

  2. Recruitment - Wendy 3 more new Kindergarten troops formed, and one 2nd grade, and one 4th grade

  3. Gold Award Committee - Chairs and members needed

  1. *Cookies - information from Kim

    1. Delivery Tuesday or Wednesday last week of February - help needed

    2. Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 3:15-6:00 - envelope stuffing for EMS

    3. Questions to Kim

    4. Please get Financial Commitment form

    5. Many leaders have not picked up cookie materials

    6. Also many Nut incentives have not been picked up

  2. SU Delegates - see other page for information

  3. Review of past events

    1. Bagging - Stacy Schembari, 21 girls raised $1012. First event for this year, next event in March. 12th graders will be able to sign up a week before it is open to others.

    2. Scholarship Applications available end Jan/Feb

    3. Wreaths Across America - very worthwhile event. Very meaningful, Scouts greeted vets, Scouts were on stage for part of the ceremony

    4. Jingle all the way - lots of fun!

    5. Caroling at Stonebridge - low attendance, last minute planning. But it was a nice event

      1. Suggestion: ask older scouts who play instruments to join?



  1. Updates on upcoming events -

    1. Cookie Rally - Anna


    2. Thinking Day - Jen - Signup

    3. SWAPS - Jen

    4. Older Girl Camporee - 134 in attendance, payments due

      1. Question about flag ceremony

    5. Annual Run With Rotary / Earth Day Fair Sunday - May 3, 2020

    6. Younger Girl Outdoor Day (formerly Camporee) - date TBD

    7. Spring Campfire & Younger Girl Bridging - date TBD

    8. Older Girl Bridging - Need Troop to organize 11th grade troops to be contacted

  2. Topics suggested by Leaders  - (Collect ideas/questions on posters)

    1. Badges

      1. Code Ninjas

      2. Stem Badges online

      3. Troop 60525 Piloted the STEM Career Badge for Cadettes

      4. What do you do when girls miss the meeting that you do an activity?

        1. Post activity, ask girl to do it on their own. If the girl shows that they have done the activity, then they get the badge, but if not, then they don’t

      5. Praise for STEM Journey as laid out on the VTK

      6. Girl Leadership

        1. Senior Troop - Girls take turns leading the badge

        2. Journey - break it up and assign a girl to lead each part

        3. End of meeting plan the next meeting

        4. Written agenda for each meeting

        5. Give each girl a job

        6. Challenge of communicating with older girls

    2. Collaboration between troops

      1. FB page is a great place to communicate with other troops

      2. Pictures are a great way to show off what girls in the SU are doing

      3. If your troop is starting an award, ask for an older troop to come present about what they did.

      4. Help a younger troop prepare for Thinking Day

      5. Suggestions for communication

        1. FB group -

        2. > FYI > Troop Directory 


    3. Service Project Ideas

      1. Jeanne Leppert - Inspired Threads

      2. SAVE - hard to communicate with

      3. Senior Center - Monty, Hillsbourough

      4. Montgomery Food Pantry - hard to communicate with

      5. Night of Caring

        1. HomeFront

        2. Meals on Wheels

        3. Jingle all the Way

        4. TASK

        5. Center for Great Expectations

    4. B/S/G Award Ideas

      1. Reach out (FB page suggested) to ask for a troop who has done the award to come and talk to your troop

    5. High School “Troop”

  3. "Corners" - break out groups to ask questions/discuss these points.

    1. Cookies/Cookie Rally

    2. SWAPS/Thinking Day

    3. Badges

    4. Collaboration between troops

    5. Service Project Ideas

    6. B/S/G Award Ideas

    7. High School “Troop”

   Discussion: Minutes - Jan 15

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