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Service Unit 75 - Montgomery/Rocky Hill

Montgomery SU 75 Girl Scouts Senior Scholarship Fund

The Montgomery Girl Scout Scholarship Fund is intended to award girls for their continued commitment and dedication to the girl scouting community. We are looking for girls who are currently actively involved in scouting, girls that exemplify the ideals and values of Girl Scouts, and girls who are applying the Girl Scout principles and laws to help the broader community.

Applicant qualifications:
• Applicants must be a member of Girl Scouts for a minimum of 6 years (all 6 years do not have to be in SU 75)

• Participate in fundraising for the Scholarship Fund during their senior year of high school.

• Girls who participate in fundraising for the scholarship fund throughout high school will receive extra points in the selection process. If the applicant is unable to attend a SU sponsored fundraiser (2 will be provided per year), she can create her own. While donations are gratefully accepted, simply making a donation will not fulfill this requirement.

• Applicants that show active participation in SU75 events such as: younger girl camporee, thinking day, mentoring a younger troop, fall campfire/investiture, etc., will also receive extra points.

• Achievement of the Gold Award neither qualifies nor disqualifies an applicant, however, it will provide additional weight to the selection process.

• Applications for the Scholarship Fund will be available in February.

Scholarships of up to $350 will be awarded based on a rubric designed by the scholarship committee. Applications will be evaluated anonymously to protect the integrity of the process.