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Service Unit 75 - Montgomery/Rocky Hill
New Leaders
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Welcome New Leaders!

Once you have registered and completed your background check and training (see Getting Started), you will begin to set up your new troop. 

Below is a list of steps to help make the process a little easier.

Step 1:  Communicate with your co-leader(s) to discuss potential meeting times, locations and frequency.

Step 2:  Contact potential meeting locations.  MTSD allows scout troops to use their facilities free of charge, after school.  You can fill out the Building Use form found on the district website (  Some other options to consider: local church halls, the library, community center or your private residence.  Please contact them for more information.  You will receive a copy of the council insurance policy that will need to be presented to whichever facility you choose.

Step 3:  Meet with your co-leader(s) and decide on location, time, frequency, dues.  Discuss who will run each meeting, who will be responsible for product sales and who will maintain the finances for the troop.  Also discuss how to get the other parents involved, etc.

Step 4:  Open a troop bank account.  You will receive the required information from council, once you complete the required leader training.

Step 4:  Email the troop parents.  Include the meeting schedule, dues, open volunteer positions for the troop parents and a list of items that need to be purchased for the girls (uniform, insignia patches, level binder, Journey book, etc.).

Step 5:  Log into -> MYGS -> Volunteer Toolkit and select the badges or Journey that you plan to complete this year.  The system will provide you with complete (customizable) lesson plans for each meeting. 

For more detailed information, please view the section Set Up A New Troop .