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Service Unit 75 - Montgomery/Rocky Hill
MTSD Building Use Instructions

Reserving Meeting Space

Montgomery School District allows Girls Scouts to hold their meetings free of charge (as long as the majority of your members are Montgomery/Rocky Hill residence). 

To request meeting space, please fill out the Building Use form, found at:

Please read through the Regulations & Policies prior to filling out the form.

Question 1: Confirm that you have read and agree to Policies and regulations for the use of school facilities by selection Yes.

Question 2: Select   N/A, I do not represent a youth sports team organization

Question 3: Select the school that your troop attends

Question 4: Name of Event – Girl Scout Meetings

Question 5: Purpose of Event – (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly) Meetings for Girl Scout            Troop _ _ _ _ _ (enter your troop number)

Question 6: Start time (enter your meeting start time).  This would usually be at the end of the school day (example: OHES for have a start time of 3:50 PM) – meeting would actually start at 4PM.

Question 7:  Areas Requested – select the area that you would like to use.  Most of the time the school will assign you a classroom to hold your regular meetings.

Question 8: Dates/Time of Week – Enter your meeting dates as well as start and end times.  If you are holding more meetings then there is space for you will need to fill out another copy of this form with the additional dates listed.

Question 9:  Special Requirements – you can list anything that you think you may need (Tables, chairs, desks, etc. – just keep in mind that if you are requesting something that is not usually found in the classrooms you may be required to pay an additional equipment rental fee).

Question 10: Contact Info (fill out your or your co-leaders info)

Question 11:  Your troop is a Non-profit (the council can provide this information, however the school district has this on record)

Question 12: Percentage of Montgomery/Rocky Hill Residence – this should be 100%

                Question 13: Number of Registrants – this would be your anticipated number of scouts

Question 14: Charging Admission – you are not changing admission to your meetings, so just enter 0, or N/A.

Question 15: Number of anticipated attendees – total number of scouts plus adults that you expect at each meeting.

Question 16:  If you are planning to serve a snack, you can select Yes.  Additionally, if you are planning to sell food for an event, you would need to select YES, and fill out the request for Temporary Food License (on the Building Use webpage).